Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 8

Here it is. Fret no longer. It's back.

The first ad is a delightfully simple idea from Smart who have done some great ambient marketing over the years. This was created by BBDO Düsseldorf and it demonstrates Smart Fortwo's 'smallest turning circle' exceptionally well through such a clever use of an everyday product. Although I have reservations as to how many people will notice it.

This next idea comes all the way from Japan for the Kagatani Knife and was created by Grey, Tokyo. The idea is so simple, and although lift ambient ads have been done to death, this stands out because of its simplicity. Although if people are in the lift it would somewhat spoil the concept. Still an excellent idea though.

I like this ad. I don't love it, but I like it. It's for BioLink shampoo and attempts to demonstrate their 'smooth and intense hydration effects' which, to be fair to BBDO Philippines, it does very well. You know exactly what the ad is saying and like the ad above, the product's benefit is displayed very clearly.

This next ambient in my opinion is excellent. You may think no one will notice these because they are high up, but they are all cleverly placed next to clocks and signs within Italian train stations that they are guaranteed to grab people's attention. It's a devilishly simple concept but it works excellently and again, like all great ambient ads, the product's USP remains the focus. This was crafted by DDB Milan and is for the excellently-named Super Attak Flex Gel.

Last, but certainly not least, this is one of my favourite ambient ads I've seen for a long time, and for a great cause. This ambient ad is for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and is encouraging people to get checked out for colorectal cancer, and making them aware of the issue. Such an excellent and attention-grabbing concept created by Ogilvy, Montreal. I adore this idea and hope you do to. Asstounding stuff.

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