Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 5

Finally gotten round to Part 5 of this wonderful series of ambient ads. Some could be classed as Outdoor but I don't care.

To start off with we've got an excellent idea from Colle and McVoy, Minneapolis for Caribou Coffee's new hot breakfast sandwich range. The bus stop was changed to an oven and heat was actually emitted. Great idea, although probably a little expensive.

Next up a nice idea from McCann Erickson, Madrid for Coke Zero. They deceived the public into thinking they were drinking Normal Coke in the cinema to highlight it tastes the same. This fact was then revealed to them via an advert before the film (which I was going to include, but you're busy people- you don't have time to watch a four minute video). A novel idea with a nice touch of a free coke afterwards.

To raise awareness of the Australia flooding, Clemenger BBDO and Hamilton Creative placed these stencils in flood-effected areas. The stencils are great I'm just not convinced about the amount of awareness it raised. If they were caught on national news stations etc. then this would have been a very successful campaign. A lovely concept though.

This I thought I'd include because it annoys me. No one is going to take these flyers off of the gate. Not a single person. And therefore no one knows that Weber has put them there. Therefore the whole idea is a waste of time and money and has gained nothing. The only positive I can take is that it was created by Miami Ad School, and they're still learning. Probably.

Now this I really like. The very best of ambient ideas are simple. This is one of them. Created by CCZ Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil it's for Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale. Excellent.

Last but not least, this is one of my favourite ambient ads for a while. DraftFCB, Lisbon created a zebra crossing out of road accident victims. A really simple, but hard-hitting use of alternative media. "Using the media as the message, and the message as the media." Nice.

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