Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 3

Part three of great ambient advertising is here, with ads from past to present. Granted most of these could be classed as outdoor, but it's always a grey area, and what has impressed me by these ads is the way they have used the outdoor space they have been given. Look at these and be wowed. Really innovative and clever ads.

This ad is exceptionally executed and it delivers it's message perfectly. A really great ad from Amelie Company based in Colorado. Being an outdoor ad you only get a few seconds to grab attention and I think this would do it brilliantly.

This next one is a great ad for Hot Wheels by Ogilvy Mexico, and deservedly won Bronze at the Cannes Lions last year in the Best Outdoor category. Really simple idea that says everything it needs to.

With this ambient idea for Coca-Cola from French agency Marcel I'm not sure how effective it would be. If the aim is to purely tell people about their new better grip bottle then it is a great ad. If, however, the idea is to sell more Coke, which I'm sure it is, then I don't think it's such a good idea. If this happened to me, I would come away with a slight distaste towards Coke. Everyone in these photos are smiling, but I'm sure the majority of us queuing up for a bus (which is probably late) after a hard day's shopping would not find humour in this situation. A novel idea however.

Good idea from Kolle Rebbe, a German agency, for ZDF an erotic movies channel. Great use of an old and tired medium in a novel and unique way. 

This is next set of ads were crafted by Canadian agency WAX Partnerships and advertises SAIT Polytechic, who offer courses in energy, media, manufacturing, health and public safety. It really is a great idea. The billboards change so that each person gradually ages, but are wearing the same clothes. The strapline 'Get a career you'll never want to leave' appears and sums up the ads perfectly. How fast they change and what percentage actually see all three stages I don't know, but still a really nice idea.

This is a really innovative use of outdoor for Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong by JWT. Over time, dust and dirt particles get stuck on the poster; gradually revealing the message. And as FotE put it "we let polluted air speak for itself.” Nice, right?  I can only imagine The post-campaign coverage is what they were really looking for as this is a very slow process. However, the whole idea of letting the problem speak for itself is extraordinarily powerful.


This is a humourous outdoor billboard for Panasonic's new nose hair trimmer by Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia, using electric wires and poles to dramatise the idea of long nose hairs. Very well executed, and amusing art direction. Nice.

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