Got a feel for the Ambience?

I have a real soft spot for ambient ideas.
Here are a few examples of really inspiring uses of ambient advertising that I needed to share and that I'm sure you'll be wowed by just as much as I was.

This ambient ad was in Germany and advertises the fact that 95% of VW Polos can be recycled. A wonderfully simple idea that conveys exactly that.

This next idea is from Copenhagen Zoo, and is quite simply stunning. It makes the bus look as though it's been crushed by the snake; the execution is brilliant.

This next ambient ad (although it could be classed as Outdoor) is from Miele Vacuum Cleaners. There's debate as to whether this ad is Photoshopped, but either way it's the idea that impresses me and I think the execution is wonderful and it looks great.

Finally for now, here's a fairly well-known ambient ad from Axe that makes use of a common sign we see day in day out. This is one of my favourite ever ambient adverts just because it's so simple and everyone will understand it regardless of culture.

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