Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 2

You see a safe wedged in the ground and the first place you look is up, right? A natural reaction.
Australian Lifebroker Insurance firm used this to create a really excellent piece of ambient advertising.
They've made it appear as though the safe has fallen through the ceiling and written is the tagline 'Death Happens.'
It's an ideal piece of advertising from an insurance firm attempting to make people readjust their outlook on life and consider how safe they really are (pun not only intended but forced to work).
As to how effective it is in making people do this I remain unconvinced. Still, an excellent idea.

This next ad is for the TV series Dexter. If you haven't watched this show before, do so. Do so now. Forget this blog. Go.
For the rest of you, I'm not sure if this was actually a piece of ambient advertising or a mock up. If I was a butcher, the last thing I'd want is the reputation of selling human meat, although the dude behind the counter seems absolutely fine about it. Still, I thought I'd include it because I thought it was a nice idea, if a little dodgy.

This is an ad by Saatchi & Saatchi in Jo'burg for Makita, a power tool manufacturer.
They drilled holes in a side of a building, 20,081 to be precise. These holes were created, you guessed it, with one of their drills.
From a distance this looks amazing, close up this will probably look awful and you won't be able to understand it. But I think it's the publicity and brand awareness gained from doing this more so than actually doing it.
A fantastic idea, and great use of the product and a unique medium.

Now this piece of ambient advertising I really like. Very effective and you can't helped but think about its message.
Released in South Africa once again, this ad is to combat drink driving, and to make you think twice.
The fact that the girl is in the men's toilets and looks awful means it makes a good impact.
However, this ad's target audience is drunk men. And I can't help thinking if I was drunk and I saw this next to me I wouldn't be moved as much as I should be.
Very nice idea still, and I think it would still make an impact.

Lastly for this week, a very simple idea from WeightWatchers.
Bus advertising is very exhausted in this country and because of this it's hard to be innovative, but WeightWatchers achieve this.
No more can be said about this other than it's a very good idea and delivers its message perfectly.

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