Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 4

Another happy helping of ambient ads from around the globe for you now. I think most of these ads are excellent ideas, you may not agree, but they're here to create debate. Have a look and let me know what you think.

The first ad is a hard-hitting and purposely invasive ambient ad from TBWA/Johannesburg for the charity Feed SA. It creates guilt and is a brilliant idea with an excellent choice of media, which combine to make a really great ambient ad. This is both simple and engaging and I would love to see how many donations they gained because of it. However, if I was supermarket owner, there's no way I'd allow this in my stores. Surely this would discourage customers from shopping and cause their shopping time to decrease? Although the image of supporting the charity may counteract this. Either way, a really fantastic idea.

This next ambient ad is for Amnesty International in Portugal and is by McCann Erickson, Lisbon. The purpose of the ad is to encourage those who know about domestic crimes to report them to the police by suggesting they are an accomplice to the crime. A mild scare tactic. The ad carries the message of 'wash your hands of it' i.e. the crime, and this is conveyed by using soap in public toilets that resembles blood, which means you literally do have to wash your hands of it. A good ad with a great message that forces social interaction. Very thought provoking and I'm sure if this was in a bar you'd share it with your friends. Great work.

This is a unique and quite peculiar (and maybe even eccentric) ambient idea from Deadline Express Couriers by BBDO, Auckland. They wanted to highlight the efficiency of their service so decided to blow up a billboard. Bear with me. I'll explain.
They thought that because they are able to blow up a billboard at an exact time, then everyone would think they would be able to deliver a package at an exact time. This logic makes perfect sense. Right? It may have been seen by over a million people, but I guarantee the majority of these are just viewing it because explosions are way cool maaan. I'm not arguing with the fact it's a great idea to get brand awareness, but most won't remember who did it, and most sure as hell won't remember why. And also, placing it in the middle of nowhere does seem counterproductive to me. And yes I know there's health-and-bloody-safety issues, but that could have been controlled. Still, it's different, and that's why I'm writing about it.

This is a really nice and simple idea for DHL's new online tracking system in China by Ogilvy Beijing. They stuck a cursor to a DHL van as well doing the same to several delivery men across the city to highlight the fact you could track orders via mobile and online all the way to your door. Very eye-catching and you can't fail to miss it if it drives by. Excellent conception and excellent execution.

And finally, you can't have a selection of ads without a slight focus on the female anatomy. This ambient/outdoor ad was created by Publicis Frankfurt for Wonderbra and is such a simple conception. We all know what Wonderbra are about and this is conveyed quite superbly in this ad.

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