Guitar Villian

I like these ads from a few years ago from Canadian agency Rethink for guitar brand Sparrow, rebelling against Guitar Hero and encouraging you to go and learn the real guitar.

However, this puts you in the dilemma of either-or. The ads say you should play guitar and not Guitar Hero. Why can't you do both? Surely there's loads out there who do? It's a dated stereotype suggesting that those who play these games are lazy, and can't be arsed to learn guitar. And in my opinion surely these types of games have encouraged kids to pick up an instrument?
What I do like about these ads is that they are almost bravely mocking the 16-24 year old age bracket, and this doesn't happen at all nowadays for fear of lost sales.
Although, these ads say 'Stop playing games. Start playing Guitar', which in its own right is really excellent copy, but it doesn't say 'Play Sparrow Guitars.' So what's stopping you from going out to buy a well-known brand? The idea of these ads is great, but I personally don't think positioning yourself against a toy is anything special, and doesn't say anything about your brand, and therefore would have done nothing for the sales of their products. A shame.

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