Unbelievable Tech-ers

I'm unsure as to whether these are great ads or not. I do have a soft spot for a copy-led ad, and so I've included them anyway. They are created by Saatchi London and are for Dixons' online store. These have a sense of the good ol' British humour in them, ripping it out of the expensive London stores and saying that Dixons sell all their products but for cheaper. And I really do love the line 'The last place you'll want to go.' It's excellent. It's a negative well-known phrase that's been turned on its head to become positive. I don't really like the art direction that much, it's boring and bland but I don't think it affects the ad too much overall. The intention is there but I'm really not sure if this is a great idea with average copy or just an average idea with great copy. I'm leaning towards the latter.

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