E = mercedes2

You've probably seen this illusion before, it's been knocking about the internet for quite some time, and I'm surprised it's never been used before. But this ad by Saatchi, Spain for Mercedes new Viano Van, have used it ingeniously. You'll need to click on the ad to get the full picture, and the copy works superbly with the image and it's been applied to the qualities of Mercedes excellently. I think this ad is meant for the internet otherwise the illusion wouldn't work, but it really is a great ad. Again, it's also nice to see a car brand not showing the actually product in its ad. How many people haven't seen the illusion or would bother clicking on it to see the whole package I'm not that sure, but the copy on this ad and its conception is first class, and it's another one of those where I think, it's so simple, why didn't I think of that? 

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