Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 6

The popular and ground-breaking feature returns with part six. A variety of excellent ambient ideas for you to peruse at your will. Have a look and let me know your thoughts...

This first one is for the arrival of Alice in Wonderland in cinemas in Italy and was created by AUGE, Milan. An excellent, if expensive, idea and doing what great ambient ads are supposed to; making innovative use of their surroundings. Bellissimo!

This next ad is a very, very simple concept but I just love it. It was created by BBDO, Auckland all the way from New Zealand, and is for Mars' chilled range. Excellent execution here, you can't see the join of the tongue onto the mouth, which gives it a totally 3D appearance. This is sure to grab your attention. Nice.

These I think really are exceptional. Stickers of people were placed in public lockers all around Germany in 2006 to highlight human rights issues within the country. Extra information and a call to action was stuck on the inside of the locker doors. Brilliantly attention grabbing and very hard hitting ambient idea created by Publicis, Frankfurt. 

This ambient was created by JWT, London for Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish and is excellent. So simple but the execution is exceptional. It says everything it needs to in one simple model. Really astounding stuff.

This is a good idea from Lay's crafted by Canadian agency Juniper Park, Toronto. The idea around their product being grown locally is great and once again a brilliant executed and attention-grabbing concept, cleverly accompanied by a billboard.

Last one comes from Danish agency By Far and is just gross. So gross I had to include it. The whole idea revolves around Silk Soft's 100% recycled toilet tissue. Let's hope they don't move onto 100% recycled tampons, eh?

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  1. "Let's hope they don't move onto 100% recycled tampons, eh?" That's the best thing you've ever said on this blog. EVAR.

  2. I was pretty proud of that one.
    I'm not afraid to admit, I made myself laugh. Out loud. Don't tell anyone.