Spick and Spam

This ad was crafted by the frequently featured South African agency FoxP2, Cape Town and is for MWeb Spam Filter, a pop-up/ad blocker; essentially this is an ad against ads. But my what a clever, simple and cool idea. The text reads 'This ad blocked by MWeb Spam Filter.' Keeping it to the bare minimum I think works exceptionally well, although having to rely on the reader to remember the company's name is a risk, but a risk worth taking in my opinion. A smart, simple, minimalist and clear conception. I love it.


  1. I tell you what mat, grat ad!

  2. It certainly is, isn't it?
    So simple and clever.
    Just out of curiosity, is your 'e' key not working?

  3. mat hees fram seeth eefrica daant ya nah