Got a feel for the Ambience? Pt 7

It's time for part seven of the ever-popular series of ambient ads, and to start with we've got an excellent ad created by Miami Ad School, Hamburg for FedEx.
This ad is brilliant, simple and effective. It goes to show just how strong the FedEx brand is as there's no need to show the whole logo. Although we all know that the yellow truck is DHL too... A stunning execution which easily delivers its great message. This is exactly what great ambient ads are about. Amazing stuff.

This next ambient ad is for I.C.U glass cleaner and is such a simple concept, created by TBWA/Johannesburg. There were several different executions placed at high volume traffic locations such as airports, and in my opinion they would have really grabbed people's attention. I'm sure this idea has been done before, but this is the one I found, and I think it's brilliantly simple.

This next ad is created for the Mini Cooper by Jung Von Matt, Zurich and was placed at the train station entrance to highlight that the car is actually surprisingly spacious. A truly eye-catching campaign by the innovative car manufacturer.

Wonderbra are usually very clever with their advertising and this piece of ambient hits the mark once again. Such a simple conception crafted by Euro RSCG, Singapore. Whether everyone at the station would understand this piece of advertising, or whether it would convince women to buy the product I'm not sure, but still an excellent idea.

More so than Wonderbra, I'm always impressed by Virgin's innovation when it comes to advertising their services. This could be classed as guerilla marketing, but it is an astoundingly simple way to promote their careful baggage handling. This campaign ran a few years a go and was crafted by BBDO, Johannesburg. Excellent stuff, Richard, excellent stuff.

Finally, this ambient/outdoor ad is for 3M Security Glass, but I am unable to find which agency created it. Real banknotes (to the tune of $500 with the rest fake) were put between two panes of their security glass and this is an almost arrogant, yet perfect way to demonstrate the true benefits of their product. Several people attempted to break the glass with baseball bats and golf clubs but to no avail. This only enhanced their image and credibility, and is a remarkable concept. 

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  1. I'm fed(ex) up with this series, I wish you'd deliver something better.

    Someone call an ambience I'm on fire.

  2. Excellent.

    But please get the DHL off my blog.