Complete Load of Bank

It's Monday morning and I think I'm entitled to a rant. These ads are so awful. I sorta understand the concept, but it's a s**t one. What's so great about a bank that doesn't have emotion? We don't expect emotion from a bank, so basically Barclay's have plucked a selling point from thin air which isn't a selling point at all. And also, what does pointing out their lack of emotion say about Barclay's customer service? Truth is, all three of these ads are hard to comprehend. And that is not a good thing. I don't really get them, I'm sure you don't really get them, so what is their point? Barclay's gain nothing from these ads, and perhaps even lose credibility. Russian agency SAA, Moscow were responsible for these abominations. I really don't want to rant all day but I hate them. With a passion. They're just awful. Really f***ing awful.

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