Driving the Message Home

I was going to include this in part 8 of the hotly-awaited 'Got a Feel for the Ambience' but I like this so much I thought it deserved its own post (pun not intended).
I am a complete sucker for hard-hitting and shocking concepts for public service ads and this one is right up there. The text translates simply as 'Don't text and drive'. It was created by Publicis, Guayaquil in Ecuador and is brilliant. I have doubts as to whether this ad was actually an outdoor ad or whether it has been photoshopped on to the lamp post, but either way it's an excellent concept and it does exactly what it's supposed to; forcefully hammering its message home. It's an intense yet effortless ad, that conveys everything it needs to with pure simplicity and astounding execution. 

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  1. I've dropped my iPhone a few times, but very rarely does it hit me in the head.