Bloody Good Work

This is a hard-hitting set of ads by Indian agency Mudra Group from Bangalore Traffic Police.
Absolutely stunning art direction with great execution in controlling the splatter. They're simple, emotive and most of all memorable. I think this communication works excellently as it's not only targeting the caller rather than the one driving, but it focuses on a specific type of phone call i.e. to your partner, not just a general 'Don't call people whilst they are driving.'
And from my 'extensive' Indian knowledge, the henna tattoo in the first ad on the lady's hand, and the fact she has a Bindi on her forehead, means she is newly-married. This I'm sure heightened the impact of the ad in India.
Perhaps there could be more work on the copy but, ignoring that, this is probably one of the best creative pieces of 'shockvertising' I have seen.

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