Public Service Ads: Drink-driving

I do love a clever public service announcement so I thought I'd focus on Drink-driving ones in this post. Some are these are great, some good, some not so. Hope you enjoy.

This I thought was an excellent idea from Ogilvy, Frankfurt, and although we may not recognise all the brands because it's from Germany, I think this idea would be great to release in the U.K. Really simple, and conveys its message brilliantly. Although I know Whiplash hurts, but it's nowhere near as serious as the other three...

This is a very clever ambient idea from Saatchi, Sydney, using the metal of the fork to give the illusion of a prison cell, warning of the dangers of drink-driving over Easter.

Now this next ad comes from Oman by an agency called United Media Services (catchy right?), and is a print ad published in the Oman Economic Review. The copy I really like, and that's why I'm sharing it. Really punchy, and well-written. I despise the font choice but the content is still great.

Now I'm unsure if an agency did this, or whether some guy just printed it on the wall, but this is a great ambient idea and I really think it would make people take a step back and think.

This next ad I thought I'd include because it's so different from all the others out there, and is a fallback to an era where the use of long copy was acceptable. It's an ok ad, but I feel the headline needs to be punchier, and more attention grabbing, and the copy is almost sarcastic. A nice idea though. (Click to enlarge).

I've seen this ad before and I'm sure you have as well as it was released in 2004. It's very well crafted and works exactly how it's intended to. It's a brilliant ad and it's a shame I can't find which agency made it. Let me know if you know.

Lastly, this ad is from Portuguese road safety charity aca-m, and although isn't drink-driving focused, I thought I'd share it. It reminds me of one of the first ads I ever posted on my blog by VW. A clever idea. And Simple. And a certain degree of interaction. That's why I like it. Hope you do too.


  1. Well, the copy in the 'Weelchair-ad' is a rip-off/parody of Ogilvy's old RR ad: "The loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce at 60 mph comes from the electric clock".

  2. Of course it is!
    How did I not realise this?

    Thank you for pointing this out, Martin.
    I should have realised this straight away.

    For me, this makes the ad so much better than I first thought.