Please Enter Your Pin

Are they serious?
Now today is International Women's Day and I was planning on making a comment about how these ads are for you ladies out there etc etc. But can you imagine my horror when I discovered these ads were placed inside magazines aimed at the Gay French Gentleman? Which, in my opinion, probably makes these even worse. The product is Try intimate lubricant and these ads were created by JWT, Paris. I don't know what else to say really. It certainly grabs everyone's attention once they realise what the ads are saying, if nothing else. And although I'm no Gay French Gentleman, I just don't see these ads encouraging people to purchase this product.

For more Sexually Inappropriate ads try:



    Do you have a spermit for this blog? It's a slippery subject, but on the hole (get it?), easy to digest.

  2. I was bowled over by your puns.
    I may have to insert them into my blog. I'll squeeze them in at the end. They're certainly on the up.
    I just wish I could get to the bottom of who you are...