Sex Sells If You Can Keep It Up

These ads are from suit company Suit Supply, and believe it or not, are currently up in Westfields Shopping Centre, and are all 8 feet tall.
As you can guess, they have indeed caused quite a stir, with the ASA currently investigating and the public calling for them to be ripped down immediately.
And to highlight the controversy these ads have caused, even the Dutch found them offensive.
In my opinion I think it's hard to tell whether putting these ads up where children and families can see them is an error, either on Suit Supply's or Westfield's part, but I do think the viewpoint that 'all publicity is good publicity' is both flawed and now majorly outdated. Social media will probably tear this company apart, and after browsing a few blogs myself, I can see the onslaught that is building. However, who had heard of this company before this? I certainly hadn't. In the short-term this publicity may well be beneficial, but in the long-term I think they may have shot themselves in the foot, ruining their ridiculously expensive loafers.
I'm all for controversial ads, and even encourage them (especially those involving nipples), but it appears somebody did indeed think of the children on this occasion, and I believe Suit Supply will have a lot of apologising to do in the near future.

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