Wide Scream

So first things first, I hate the typeface and the art direction of these ads. Despise them in fact. But I adore the copy. It's amusing and subtly tells you exactly what these ads are about and I think this type of subject area requires humour and a light-hearted approach. The ads are for Canadian Porn channel, Amour and were created by Cossette West, Vancouver. The copy is really great and it makes these poorly-designed ads actually rather good.

Previous Porn-based Ads:


  1. They say sex sells, but you're excelling yourself.

    I personally think porn ads need a nice pair of tits, so does this blog, do you need a co-writer?

  2. Let's nip this issue in the bud now. I think I'm capable of handling them by myself, thank you.

    Although your well-rounded comments are uplifting, I think I'm breast left to my own devices, otherwise this blog will go bust.