In Clubs and Behind Bars

This is an odd and slightly dark campaign from South African agency Fox P2 Cape Town for Brandhouse's Drive Dry initiative. They have gone down the route of saying that if you drink and drive, you'll end up in prison and be raped by a huge black guy.
Well this is certainly enough to prevent me from drink-driving. However, I can't see this campaign being taken seriously. I know the attempt is to make the ads sinister and shocking, and in doing so make you think twice about driving whilst drunk, but personally I find them unintentionally cringe-worthy and, to a certain degree, comical. I just don't see these print ads working.
However, the ambient advertising as part of this campaign I think is exceptional. The conception that when you drink and drive your car becomes a murder weapon is a brilliant one, and this is conveyed fantastically with the use of giant evidence bags. I can't help thinking if the cars were damaged or covered in blood then it would have more of an effect on passers by.
Still an excellent piece of ambient advertising from an otherwise average campaign.

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