St. John's Drive the Message Home

This is a powerful ad for St. John's Ambulance by BBH urging people to learn first aid. As soon as I saw this I was blown away. What's astonishing about this ad is that it was actually filmed within a cinema with the audience unaware of what was going on.

To make the 'volunteer' run into the film and help out is an exceptional idea that has never been done before and was outstandingly executed and drives home its message magnificently.

The real purpose of this ad was not only to make the audience act, but to get people like me to share it, post it on their blogs and on social networking sites etc. I don't know what else to say. I've watched this ad several times now and it affects me still.

Hats off, BBH. A truly remarkable ad.

To go along with this ad, BBH have also devised two haunting print ads and one ad to encourage people to download the St. John's Ambulance iPhone App (Click to enlarge). Overall a really excellent integrated campaign.

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