Middle of the Road

Ok. Now I'm not afraid to admit that this ad took me a little while to understand. What is this white line I thought to myself. Then it clicked. It's a road. It's a road on the mountains. The Audi Quattro can drive on the mountains. Then it dawned on me that this ad created by DDB, Milan is brilliant. So simple yet so brilliant. Simply brilliant some might say.

Or is it?

I think had the white line been separated into a few smaller ones like a NORMAL road, then I would have understood it. And hang on, the white line isn't in the middle. And waitaminute, this ad is more suited to a 4x4 not a Quattro (If you're not sure what a Quattro is, think 'Ashes to Ashes'). And also, the copy 'Mountains by quattro' is s**t. I've changed my mind; this ad is simply  brilliant stupid.

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