Total Wipeout

Do you Scrunch or Fold?

You don't understand?

Well, let me put it in layman's terms for you.

When you wipe the shit from arse, do you scrunch the toilet paper, or do you fold the toilet paper?

Because that's the revolting question being asked by the nation's cutest and oh-so-innocent puppy, Andrex.

The brainchild of JWT, London, this ad sets out to create a national debate in an attempt to replicate the success of the 'Love it' or 'Hate it' Marmite campaign. And in the process they have disgusted and probably alienated the majority of the British public.

In the ad, we see members of the public tell us how they wipe their arses. With one woman attempting to make the subject sexy. You heard. Sexy. Jesus Christ. When was the eroticisation of excrement considered to be a good idea? Have they not seen 'Two Girls, One Cup'?

The campaign is even being rolled out across Twitter and Facebook, I shit you not.

For years they have avoided any need to go into the details of their product and they have become a globally successful company in the process. So why change?

Has Andrex hit a bum-note here?

Watch the video. Grimace. Buy another brand.

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