Excuse My Language

Every now and again I see a set of ads that are so terrible, so awful, that I am forced to post them simply to have a glorious rant at their inadequacy.

This is one of them.

These ads created by Y&R, Peru are for the Británico English Institute, which is for students whose mother language is Spanish, and I am seriously finding it difficult to describe them without swearing incessantly.

I get them. I do. With the Institute, Spanish words can be turned into their English equivalent. But is it really necessary to take the excess letters from the word 'Británico'? 

But that's not all. What is the worst thing an Institute that prides itself on teaching English to Spanish speakers do? 

That's right. Use f***ing terrible English.

What the bloody hell does "What your English needs to be understood" even mean? This is a case of poor translation and terrible use of the English language from an institute that is advertising their services of excellent translation and a brilliant use of the English language.

[rant terminated]