Printers' Oink

During the excellent 10 o'clock Live, this ad from The Guardian, created by BBH London, came on during the ad-break and I was blown away.

This, without a doubt, has to be my favourite ad of the year so far. It didn't conform to the 30 second/1 minute rule that most TV ads use, it took up almost the whole break, and kept me hooked and interested throughout.

This ad promotes the Guardian's open journalism and multimedia platforms, and gives a whole new twist to the story of the Three Little Pigs, showing its report on the front page and traditional media through to social media conversations and discussions.

I've always liked the Guardian, and the fact they've used a well-known children's fairytale to tug at our nostalgic heartstrings helps.

This is an excellently thought-out and incredibly relevant concept, with an exceptional execution.
Great work.

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