Don't Throw A Paddy

I've long been a fan of Paddy Power and their off-the-cuff advertising and online campaigns, and this is another humour-packed ad, focusing around next month's Cheltenham Festival.
After the many fights at Ascot, this ad focuses around ensuring Cheltenham doesn't go down the same route by taking aim at Chavs with the 'Chav Tranquilizer' campaign, in response to someone writing on the Paddy Power Facebook wall.
An excellent concept, stuffed full of British humour that will without a doubt go down a treat with the nation.

This ad comes after their 'transgendered' TV ad that several huge broadcasters such as Sky, ESPN and Channel 4 have since dropped due to over 400 complaints to the ASA, with several people saying it incites Transphobia.

Paddy Power have replied stating it is purely "mild-mannered fun." And I completely agree.
I hope they continue making more ads like this.
It's not often you find a company whose advertising you actually like.
No doubt people will complain about the Chav Tranquilizer ad, but then Paddy Power must be used to ASA complaints by now, after receiving 1,300 of them for their blind footballer kicking a cat ad in 2010.
I say keep 'em coming, Paddy.
Now where can I get me one of these tranquilizer guns?

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