Clowning Around

Guys, apparently sexual intercourse with children is a crime.
Who knew?
Thank God this ad by Paz Comunicação Estratégica, São Paulo, Brazil was created to remind us. 

In my opinion this ad carries an incredibly weak concept. 
The fact that there was a carnival at the time has been force-fed into this execution. 
We all know paedophilia is wrong. We don't need reminding.
What some sick-minded people need reminding of is the consequences.

And the copy in this ad is incredible weak. 

I appreciate that this may have been translated into English, but "Except in some children's face" doesn't read right to me. It should be "Except in some children's faces", surely?
This image isn't shocking enough either. 

The agency has just taken two concepts (carnival and paedophilia) and forced them together and it shows.

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