Weight and Sleaze

The first execution of this campaign I saw was the 'Snatch' one.
And I thought to myself, this is a good campaign. It attracts your attention and sells the service in a unique way.
But then I saw the 'Jerk', 'Burpee' and 'Clean and Press' executions, and I became more and more disappointed.
There ads were created by Ogilvy, Atlanta and are for Underground Fitness gym.

This campaign is totally confused.
If all executions followed the same line of thought throughout, such as being sexually provocative like the 'Snatch' ad, then it would make sense. But there's no way the same type of person to like the Snatch ad will also like the Burpee one because it isn't as daring or appeasing. As well as this, there isn't one idea here. It's a confused campaign which only results in confused readers.

And what kind of tagline is 'Different. Results'? It's awful.

And don't worry, upon double-checking, there isn't a "Squat" execution in this series.

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