Homeless For Christmas

I thought it was about time I started getting into the Christmas spirit (not Brandy), and I was pointed in the direction of this stunningly simple set of seasonal greeting cards created by VCCP in an attempt to reunite the homeless with their loved ones this Christmas.

Here's what VCCP had to say:

“Each day, on the way to the agency we walk past dozens of homeless people who won’t be spending Christmas with friends and families.
Some of them haven’t spoken to their loved ones for a very long time, so we decided to do something that would help them get back in touch. 
We designed ice breaker cards in which they could write messages and posted them, with the hope that they’d re-establish some relationships and create festive cheer.
It may not fit in with the more elaborate agency cards but we thought it was a simple idea to capture the Christmas spirit and help people who need it most.”

I thought this was a bloody lovely idea, and hope you guys do too.

Merry Christmas.

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