Cancer Research

I was watching ITV's Ad of the Year recently, and this featured at number 5 in the list.

A powerful, tear-jerking ad for Cancer Research UK, that I challenge anyone to watch without getting a (metaphorical) lump in their throat.

Real people were used, whose loved ones had suffered from cancer, and it proves your money can help. But the twist at the end is what gets you. Showing there's way more work to be done, and that this old man has lost his daughter.

It tugs wildly on your heartstrings, and has been executed beautifully. It was a brilliant choice by AMV BBDO to use real people, real stories and real tears. It's, in my eyes, one of the most powerful, hard-hitting and thought-provoking ads of the last few years, not only just in the year gone by.

Sorry to end the year on a downer, but I just had to share this extraordinary piece of advertising with you all.

Have a Happy New Year, guys.

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