All You Can Eat

Time for a rant.
VW can piss right off. Why do people do things like this? Why do VW think this is a good idea? Oh wow, they've created an ad that can be eaten. They only thing that this ad will taste of is bitter disappointment. This is a complete waste of money from a company that are usually right on it. This 'idea' was created by Ogilvy, Cape Town and it just makes me angry (can you tell?). What does "eat the road" even mean?

"Hey Dave, I'm gonna go eat the road."
"You're going to do what?"
"Eat the road."
"I don't understand."
"I'm going for a drive."
"Next time just say that, please."

Maybe this ad will do really well and I'll eat my words. But I sure as hell won't be eating these ones.

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