Technology Buzz

I saw this outdoor ad and thought it was nice. Just nice. Not spectacularly clever, nor ground-breaking, but it works, and works pretty damn well. It was created by Lowe, Moscow, a worldwide agency that doesn't feature enough on this blog, and is for Beeline Telecommunications. It's a simple ad that shows the benefits of using Beeline smartly. It's certainly an ad that would definitely not have worked a few years a go. A good concept displayed, like I said, in a nice way.


  1. The stripes look too much like equals signs so its like the mopile phone, ITV TV and Internet laptop look too much like the sides of them cause of the equals?

    20% = 80% off?

  2. Yeah you're right, the stripes DO look like equals signs.
    I'm just not sure what you mean by the rest though...?