Deskjet Holiday

Pure and simple ads here for Copa Airlines from Colombian agency Lowe, Bogotá. If you don't understand it look a little closer. An excellent idea, and using their tag line as the icon's name is brilliant. It's almost a shame that the Copa Airlines logo is there, or couldn't be made into it's own icon. Or even placed in the bottom left hand corner to resemble the Recycle Bin. Being in that position it spoils the whole concept. Still, a really simple and genuinely impressive idea, and 'Escape the Office' is a lovely message. Great stuff.


  1. Does a printer work underwateR?

    Interesting that they've got a xcel presentation and powerpoint spreadsheet, I usually keep my important plans in notepad, or paint if they need annotationing.

  2. OH: I'm pretty sure that the logo is an icon, but a start menu bar would have made it more obvs!

  3. It is interesting.
    I'm assuming they didn't want Old Gatesy on their ass, so they modified them.

    A start menu I think would have made it too obvious and spoilt the subtlety, which makes you first think it is a nice scene, only to realise it's a desktop background.