Bubbles and Cheek

Who's up for some partial female (hopefully) nudity? Of course you are.
These ads are for Indian Spa 'The Habitat Club' and are by the crudely-named agency, Out of the Box, Delhi. I think the concept is ok, but what gets me is, firstly, where's her head, secondly, how can it be relaxing lying on your front and sticking your ass in the air, and thirdly, why are these women white? This is an ad in India. I quite like the line 'Love Thy Body' as it's obviously a play on the 10 commandments, which everyone should get. These ads are pretty saucy for a Spa, although perhaps these resorts have a happy ending? Who knows? If you really want to, give them a call. 
Overall, the body parts are a little warped, and the art direction is forced, and to be honest I don't particularly like these ads, but I just wanted to include some well overdue female (I think) nudity. 


  1. Niceeee! I like how they linked the Kylie Minoague song 'Love My Body' with buttocks, she has lovely buttocks.

    Why is there a hands covering the second buttocks tho?

  2. That she does, that she most certainly does.

    And those my friend, are breasticles. Not buttocks.

    To be honest, I'm still not convinced these are female parts. It may just be a really beautiful man.

    Like me.

  3. If I owned a spa, that did a limited range of buttock treatments, I'd call it:


  4. If that's the case, your clientèle would be sparse.

  5. Already made that one, hence the 'limited range of'.

    Close but no cigarse for you.