Not Lager Than Life

These ads come all the way from New Zealand created by Barnes, Catmur & Friends, Auckland. I'm fond of the concept, the whole 'Man' idea - although it has been used time and time again - but I think these ads are two good ideas that have been mashed together. The idea of a 'Man Park' is ok for a brand whose target audience are men, as are the silly facts, but they should be kept separate. They've wasted two good campaigns by combining them into one mediocre one. 
I think the copy is good. Not amazing, nor brilliant, just good. Apart from that I think these ads lack execution. The concept is there, which could be developed further, but it is held back by poor art direction and too much going on at once.


  1. I think you're spot on, Marty.
    Paul Catmur

  2. Thanks, Paul.
    Appreciate your opinion of all people's.