Job's a Bad'un

These three ads come from Paris and are by Young & Rubicam for L'Etudiant, a job seekers website. I think the concept of these ads is excellent, and the almost slapstick approach with the visuals is a funny and engaging idea. Yes being an astronaut is far-fetched, but the copy reads 'Youth's got future' (which by the way I think is superbly succinct) and so this site is aimed at the younger generations, and dreaming of being an astronaut wasn't that long a go for some of these people. The Fireman ad could be clearer and I'm extremely uncertain regarding the rest of the copy. 'Are you sure your career choice is the best fit?' doesn't read right to me. I'm sure these were probably translated, but that is no excuse from an agency of Y&R's calibre. Still these ads are amusing, and humour can sometimes be a wonderful thing in advertising.

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