This Doesn't Cut the Mustard

And the award of poorest Art Direction of the week goes to...

This ad makes me cringe. It's awful. The copy reads "Austria's hottest mustard. Since 1923." Love the concept. I really do. But the art direction. *shudders*  It was created by the aptly-named Vienna-based agency, Blink and is for the charmingly-titled mustard product, Ramsa Englischer Spezialsenf. This ad took me a while to understand, and it wasn't because I'm having a slow morning, but because it's s**t. That bread roll looks nothing like a tear, is considerably too big to even resemble a tear, and is too far away from the eye to convince you that it's supposed to be a tear. Absolutely awful execution. This product makes me weep. But not in the way they... yeah you get it. 

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