When Opportunity Knocks... Pt 2

Only two this week I'm afraid.
First up is a great piece of opportunistic advertising by Leo Burnett, Budapest for Samsung's new vacuum cleaner.
They placed their ad next to a poncy perfume ad featuring a naked woman trying to look 'classy' to highlight the power of their product. Sort of reminds me of the Miele Vacuum Ambient Ad I posted in September.
A really effective idea, and they come across as innovative and clever, something that Samsung will no doubt love.

The second is an amusing ad from chilled coffee brand Dare. After the closure of several Starbucks across the country, they released this ad. Really great design and you immediately know what the brand is all about.
Very clever and again reflects on their brand brilliantly in a fun and daring way. Why more brands don't attempt things like this is beyond me.

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