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I'm just not sure about this ad from start-up agency Johnny Fearless.
It's for Survivors UK, the charity that supports victims of male rape and sexual abuse, and is being shown alongside England's Six Nations home games. Posters will be displayed around the London Underground and other stations and out-of-home sites.

I appreciate that this was created on a small budget, and the aim is purely to shock us into reading the ad, but I'm unsure whether this is too much...
But then again, it has made me write an entire blog post and share it with you guys.
Can there be such a thing as too much when it comes to such pressing issues as sexual abuse and rape?
You also have to remember where these ads will be placed.

The Underground.

I would definitely read everything on this ad over anything else that was put before me whilst sat on the Tube.

I applaud Johnny Fearless for their bravery and boldness in creating an ad that will probably be banned because more than 7 people with nothing better to do with their lives will complain.

Yeah, the ad isn't perfect; the visual confuses me, and I don't like the font, but I do think the copy is genuinely very good. Its sole aim is to grab attention. It does that. So in my view, it's a good ad.

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