Van and Wife

I discovered this VW ad by DDB from 1963 today and I had to post it right away.
I'm a huge fan of old-style, long copy ads, and this is definitely one of those that gets my loins tingling.

The copy reads,

Can your wife bake her own bread? Can she get a kid's leg stitched and not phone you at the office until it's all over? Find something to talk about when the TV set goes on the blink? Does she worry about the Bomb? Make your neighbors' children wish that she were their mother? Will she say "Yes" to a camping trip after 50 straight weeks of cooking? Let your daughter keep a pet snake in the back yard? Invite 13 people to dinner even though she only has service for 12? Name a cat "Rover"? Live another year without furniture and take a trip to Europe instead? Let you give up your job with a smile? And mean it? Congratulations.

Now, even my Dad wasn't born until '66, let alone myself, but I find it very easy to imagine just how the long copy in this ad would have gone down well with the target audience back then. It creates a feeling of adventure and spirit, as well freedom and liberty, everything that was then synonymous with VW vans in the '60s and, debatably, even today.

I hope you guys like this ad too, just not as much as I do, because I think I like it a little too much...

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