No Eggcuse (Sorry)

Hm. Now how do we go about raising awareness of the poor treatment chickens receive in Germany? What's that, Publicis Frankfurt? You want to squeeze 16 chickens into a vending machine? But isn't that going against the very issue we are campaigning against? ... Publicis? Hello?

Whilst I appreciate the message of this campaign, and the conception of it, I just can't get my head around and learn to accept the hypocrisy of it all. This just seems to me it was ill thought out. Although we are assured "No chicken was harmed. After a short time, all of the chickens were returned safely to their organic farm." Yerright. I just can't see how a campaign against the ill treatment of chickens can force 16 chickens into a vending machine and think nothing of it.


  1. Give me a break, do u really think chickens 'had' to be harmed by just putting them in the vending machine long enough to take a picture???!! I think it was a great idea that makes its point very clearly! I own chickens & turkeys & I GUARANTEE u they do more harm to each other on a daily basis than if put em in the v-machine ten times!! Some of u eeexxxxtttrrreeeeeemmmeessts need to find a hobby! Geez o_O

  2. I think they could have made the same point with a PVC picture wrap on the vending machine (which is what I thought it was) rather than putting chickens in there. Also what happened to the eggs laid by the chickens whilst they were in there? I'm sure someone ate them, despite lecturing everyone else on buying fair trade eggs?
    To the Anonymous above - to say that chickens are more harmful to each other than the hurt they get from being stuck in a vending machine for a day is surely the same as saying that we as humans are more harmful to each other day to day (war, crime etc) than sticking people in inhumane cramped living conditions. It doesn't make it right.
    I realise I've just compared chickens to humans.