Writing Wrong

I usually love long copy ads, but agency self-promos and agency ads usually disappoint. This ad was created by Leeds agency, Propaganda and is obviously advertising for a copywriter, and I don't like it one bit. All they've done is force famous pieces of copy into the ad. Or at least that's what I first thought. Then I took a step back for a second. This agency are advertising for a writer. Maybe they have created a poorly written ad intentionally to encourage writers to think 'I can do better than this' or 'I can deliver lines like those used.' Perhaps they have crafted an awful ad on purpose? But surely if it was intentionally crap, they'd have riddled it with grammar and spelling errors, or perhaps they would have challenged people to write better than this. It's either a brilliantly subtle ad, or they really do need a new writer. Let's hope they get one, huh?

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