Royally Obsessed

The world has gone crazy for the Royal Wedding tomorrow, and it appears not only do we have to put up with shitty merchandising that has taken over our high streets, but we have to put up with half-arsed attempts to jump on the Royal Wedding bandwagon such as these. I hope you despise them all just as much as me.

First off, T-Mobile and Saatchi & Saatchi London have decided to finally go down a different route with their advertising with a spot that involves public dancing. Oh wait.

Next up is an absolutely pointless ad from Papa John's, which quite frankly makes their product look disgusting, (and Prince William retarded) and is a prime example of a brand trying to align themselves with a big event with no relevance whatsoever. This is a royal f**k up.

This is next ad attempts to create some sort of relevance, but the link is so tedious it's almost embarrassing. It comes from Post-It and was created by OgilvyAction, London. Business Director at OgilvyAction states "it made absolute sense to develop a tactical campaign that would reinforce the ubiquitous nature of the product and teasingly link them to the Royal wedding." Sure.

Now I'm a man who loves a good pun, but this is simply overkill from easyJet. Created by Publicis London, this ad is set to run in papers only today and tomorrow. It's an ok idea but that's it.

Staying on the pun-front, these Kodak ads are again really trying too hard to jump on the already over-crowded bandwagon. These were again created by OgilvyAction, London.

This again is a brand struggling to associate themselves with the Wedding. How Green & Black's are going to benefit from the association I have no idea, but they have linked their product quite well. So hats off to them. There's no real message here though...

Lastly this TV spot (part of a £1.8m nationwide campaign) is for Freeview HD and was created by 18 Feet & Rising. The ad is trying to get people to switch to Freeview to watch the wedding in HD, and uses Corgis, the breed associate with ol' Queenie. Forgive me, but I actually think it's a nice ad.

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