Milk's Favourite Cookie

These ads are for Oreo cookies and were crafted by Egyptian agency Pixonal. They recently changed their tag line from 'America's favourite cookie' to 'Milk's favourite cookie', which in my opinion is much better, and these are the first ads to display the new copy. I love these ads. They are simple, clean and subtle, and although some inevitably work better than others, I adore the whole series.


  1. Do you really like this campaign? I love the first ad, but the others seem cheap and lazy. I think the concept of the milk being drawn to the Oero is really cool and has great potential. Like the milk taking over the shelf space in Tesco, even if it means risking going off. Or cows being drawn the Oero factory, stuff like that?

  2. Yeah I do. I agree it seems that they tried to pack the campaign out and the first one is much much better than the others but I like the concept quite a lot.

    Also, those ideas are pretty good. Chuck 'em in your portfolio. Although I'd like credit. This blog obviously inspired you.

  3. This post made me cry.