The art direction of these ads is superb. They have a very warm feeling to them which is excellent for the brand. Very rarely do you get an ad that is just nice to look at. It's a simple and wonderfully executed pair of ads, so much so I'm unsure as to whether the 'Winter Ready' tag is even needed because the image is so strong. These ads were created by Publicis, Romania and I have to congratulate them. The concept isn't ground-breaking nor is it revolutionary, but these are really well crafted and just lovely looking ads. As simple as that.


  1. I LOVE these ads. Very simple but really effective. Great broad appeal I reckon. Although I have to disagree with you, I think that with the logo so small, the 'winter ready' is needed as it grounds the overall message of the ad. If the weather had been wintery in the images I think it may not have been needed.

  2. You know what, I totally agree with you. Had the streets been paved with snow then these ads wouldn't need the tag and the message may have been enhanced because of it.
    The 'Winter Ready' tag is just a nice way of displaying their tagline, and I think losing it would perhaps take something away from it.

    Although I don't think the logo is too small. Sometimes a bigger logo can ruin an ad. It's subtle and unobtrusive and sits nicely in the corner but still gets my attention.
    Any smaller though and it would be too small.

  3. Completely agree about the logo size, I just meant that without the 'winter ready', and not knowing who the brand was, the message wasnt 100% crystal.

  4. It appears a firm agreement has been reached.
    Terrific news!

  5. Actually the logo need to be about 3 times the size and in bold.