Brand Disaster

Now these ads will most certainly shock you just as much as they did me. They are awful. 'Bastards' you may think. 'Absolutely wankers' others may say. But here's the thing. I feel deeply sorry for the brand Fatboy Lamps. And here's why. These ads were created by Students. Not Fatboy Lamps. But now people like me are posting these spec ads on blogs around the world, and most won't even mention they were created by Students. This brand will be tarnished, and will now be acknowledged as the bastards who took the piss out of the Tsunami. I can't see Fatboy recovering from this very well at all. Bloody Students.


  1. I thought you'd already set the title as 'too tsunami'? and now you've backed out? WHERES YA COMMITMENT SMARTY

  2. Fatboy would like to comment on these disgusting distasteful 'advertisements'.
    Fatboy is in no way related to these ads and we are truly shocked by the disrespectable way the creator misused the photo's of the victims of the Japan disaster.
    We will do whatever we can to track down those responsible.

    Our heart is with you Japan.