Highlight of the Day

This ad was created for Layconsa highlighters by Mayo Draft FCB, Peru and is a such a unique way to sell highlighters and, certainly in my opinion, is much better than the traditional BOGOF approach used by most stationery products. I think this is a very clever concept and a bold attempt by Layconsa to be different, and I think it pays off very well. This probably would never be allowed in the UK though, which is a shame, a real shame. 


  1. I think it's really good how they decided to say their highlighter was so bright, it could replace the sun and that's why all the girls are on the beach.

    Fab art direction, just a shame it's so hard to read the brand of the pen,15 pixels or so bigger and it'd be great!

  2. Yeah, about that...

    That's my only problem with this. It's so hard to read and I don't think anyone would bother to focus.