Haven't Gotta Chew

I've been umm-ing and err-ing for several days as to whether I should put these ads on The Blog, and they've started to annoy me so much I thought I'd do it, and hope they annoy you too.
These ads were created by Creative Juice, the Indonesian agency, and are awful. The art direction tries to be good but it's just terrible. The nail doesn't even look like a nail and the straw just winds me up. And don't get me started on the concept. 'Buy these mints and it'll improve your chewing skills.' How the hell does a mint help to improve your chewing skills. And what the f**k are "chewing skills"?! These ads give me no reason to buy this product. Not one single reason. And to tell you the truth, after these abominations, I'd probably choose not to buy Mint-Z, which by the way is an awful name. If you like these ads then shame on you; shame on all of you. [Rant terminated]

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