Raise the Bar

Lovely concept created by Charm Advertising, Beijing. A product that improves male sexual function which cannot be advertised on TV is being printed on parking sensor cards that make the barrier go up. Get it? It resembles a penis. What a great idea.


Take a step back away from the physical metaphor and think. How many of you actually study and read the parking tickets to get out of car parks? I don't. And how many people do you think will even get it? They carry it around all day, they don't only see it when it's opening the barrier. It's easy to sit and look at this ad and think, wow, this is sooooo clever. But it's just not as clever as you think. I guarantee you most people won't make the connection between the two, and I guarantee you not even that many people own one of these in the country. It's a stupid, ineffective and ill thought out "campaign" by an agency who only have one thing on their minds: Making the client happy. Oh, and penises.

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