Haier and Wider Fridges

I feature a lot of ads on this blog and Saatchi, Tel Aviv tend to feature more than most. This ad is at first glance an excellent conception, bordering on genius. But if you take a step back, it's not as good as you first think.
This ad is for Haier refrigerators, and they use the insight of the product being so spacious. Using the missing people advertisement on milk to ask for help in finding milk that has disappeared in the vast space of the refrigerator is an absolute gem of an idea.

But hang on. 
The milk is sitting there on the side. It isn't missing. Thus, making the entire ad pointless. 
I understand using a different product to either advertise on, or claim is missing, wouldn't make the ad as effective but it's a real shame the ingenuity of the idea almost hinders it. However, we often don't take the chance to take a step back and assess print ads, so perhaps the brief amount of time we take in absorbing this print ad is long enough to be wowed but, vitally, short enough not to think twice and be disappointed. Still a really excellent conception.

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  1. Hey, maybe the point is you've had to get another milk cause you can't find the last one CAUSE THE FRIDGE IS SO BLOODY BIG and 3D